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New York, NY 10009

Tel: (646) 772-1297

Member Since: 03/18/2008


Governmental licenses/numbers held as a household goods mover (as self-reported by the mover):

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You can independently verify the actual license status of any mover by contacting the New York State Department of Transportation at (800) 786-5368 (for NY-only moves) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at (800) 832-5660 (for inter-state moves). CityMove.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions.


have a NEW “Real” Huge Cargo VAN *** Wont stink up your goods. Don’t get stuck in the road with an old van other’s using. Fully heat/air conditioned
►►☆ service status plus GPS ☆◄◄

Man with van as fast he can! (646) 739-8412
Why we can? Because we’re Safe, Fast, On time! Plus 10% off with Village Voice AD

1. NO extra charge for travel time or for extra stops
2. NO 2hr. minimum
3. NO additional charge Stairs
4. NO extra charge for DISASSEMBLE AND REASSEMBLE or Weekends
5. Not Rude
6. We careful
7. Won’t scratch or damage items
8. Will beat any quote (with proof of ad)
9. Call us for late Last min. calls
10. Hand-truck, Furniture dolly and Blankets are included at no extra cost to you.
We are 100% reliable

Thanks you in advance for your business!

Also we just don’t only move we Paint, construction (we can make an extra bed room or anything else you may like for you in your home or business) wax floors /Strip/buff floors, maintenance, install rugs, seal floors, etc.

If possible, please provide me with detail information. Exp (number of stairs, paint, strip wax or seal floor, what kind of maintenance you may need, etc) so we can provide you with the lowest prices in New York City, with prompt service. Thanks Again

For FAST, last minutes, easy safe moves movers
Call us (646) 739-8412
Any where also Manhattan/Queens/Brooklyn/New Jersey

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