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Governmental licenses/numbers held as a household goods mover (as self-reported by the mover):

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You can independently verify the actual license status of any mover by contacting the New York State Department of Transportation at (800) 786-5368 (for NY-only moves) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at (800) 832-5660 (for inter-state moves). CityMove.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions.


Bobs Moving Service for less.The moving service we offer includes free estimate furniture pads tapes disassemble and reasemmble.NO charge for stayers no charge for travel time We are "Elevating Moving"-- the very process of moving, making it as smooth and simple as possible. In an industry where word of mouth referrals means everything, we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

"Elevating Moving" is not just our slogan. We really mean it. TLC Moving & Storage, Inc. is a business that was founded on hard work and commitment to efficiency, reliability and high standards with no exceptions.

Our philosophy is simple: Relocate our customers quickly, successfully and courteously. Never add any "Surprise Charges" to the bill. Thus, we at TLC Moving & Storage, lnc. are continuously exceeding our customers' expectations.

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