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Governmental licenses/numbers held as a household goods mover (as self-reported by the mover):

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  • 2031167

You can independently verify the actual license status of any mover by contacting the New York State Department of Transportation at (800) 786-5368 (for NY-only moves) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at (800) 832-5660 (for inter-state moves). CityMove.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions.


MSP MOVERS is a reliable and professional full service moving company who will provide you with packing, packing materials, and moving services. We use only experienced and professional movers and are fully equipped to make your move efficient and safe . We can provide insurance on your valuable items if needed. All of your belongings will be wrapped in moving blankets, bubble wrap, cardboard , and whatever else is needed to assure that they will be transported safely. Excellent references , please read our reviews. We have a very high satisfaction rate with our customers.

MSP MOVERS's Terms and Conditions:

Payment in full upon the completion of the job. Cash only, no checks or credit cards accepted.

MSP MOVERS's Cancellation Policy:

A 35% cancellation fee( $35 minimum ) will be assessed if you cancel your move within 48 hours for any reason.

A 15% rescheduling fee ( $25 minimum ) will be assessed if you reschedule your job within 4 days and will be added to your balance and collected the day of the job.

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