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Governmental licenses/numbers held as a household goods mover (as self-reported by the mover):

  • 39902
  • Not provided
  • 2348138

You can independently verify the actual license status of any mover by contacting the New York State Department of Transportation at (800) 786-5368 (for NY-only moves) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at (800) 832-5660 (for inter-state moves). CityMove.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions.


At Solid movers NYC we take extra care to make every customer completely satisfied with their move. From the moment you contact us we will work with you to customize an affordable rate that fits your moving needs. We know how important your personal belongings are and thats why when the big day arrives you can be rest assured that everything will be handled with care.

As a small business, owned and operated by a United States Veteran, we guarantee our experienced moving teams will employ hard work and discipline to your move. Delivering outstanding service is what keeps our reputation rock solid!

Solid Movers NYC's Terms and Conditions:

The mover may charge additional fees for but not limited to the following conditions:

- If the size or quantity of the items have been underestimated.
- If there are any additional stops not mentioned.
- If there are any large distances that need to be travelled on foot such as a large distance between the curb and the front entrance.
- If there are any additional flights of stairs ( i.e. a flight of stairs to the basement to reach the service elevator or the usual small flight of stairs to the front entrance of a town house ).
- If there are any items that require packing, assembly or disassembly that were not mentioned such as any items that are extremely large or heavy and must be disassembled to get them out of the building.
- If an item is too big to fit into an elevator and must be carried up the stairs.
- If there are any extended delays due to gaining access or entry to either the pickup or drop-off location.
- If the walkway is not clear of ice, snow and debris.
- If willing to assist is specified, yet no assistance is provided, especially if it requires the mover to hire additional movers.
- For any items delivered into or moved from the building if curbside service is specified.


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