CityMove Support: Safeguarding Your Information


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A CityMove customer emailed customer support with the following inquiry:


I recently posted Job # 12345, and I listed my husbands contact information- email and phone number. I’m not sure how, but moving companies are calling and emailing me directly, not him. How did they get my information? And how can I ensure they’re only reaching out to him?

Thanks, Anne*

A CityMove Customer Support representative quickly looked into the issue, searching the technology database of CityMove, recognizing that Anne’s  information was not posted anywhere on the site. One of the benefits of using CityMove, is that your information is not shared with our providers until you have reviewed and then selected a specific provider.

During our review, and through conversations with the customer, we determined she was also working with a storage facility. We think this is where the “leak of information” may have originated. We recommend checking all fine print to make sure you aren’t in this situation.

We also asked Anne to send us some of the emails she was receiving and our Tech team was able to verify that the code was not sent through CityMove and this was a coincidental issue.

CityMove prides itself on transparency, and contacted Anne to gain approval to share her story. Not only did she agree, she hopes that her situation will help other New Yorkers! Thanks Anne!

Lesson Learned: Be cautious of where you are sharing your information and read the fine print. Ask any service providers you may use in your upcoming transition (movers, storage facilities, leasing companies, brokers) if they’re selling your information. If there isn’t a clear answer, be careful in sharing your information.

Editors Note: CityMove does not sell or share any customer information- including to the moving companies we work with. Your information is not communicated to a provider mover until you have accepted their bid. And  don’t worry, we changed Anne’s name!

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