How to Avoid Moving Scams in NYC

“I love the moving process,” said no one ever. CityMove is working to change that, one move at a time. We get that it’s scary to share your personal info on the internet;  in fact we created this site years ago as a resource to take (some of)  the stress out of moving.

Use these four tips to help avoid moving scams:

1.  Only share your personal and move information with verified websites, who are clear that they aren’t selling your info. Some of our customers have learned this the hard way.  Safeguard your information!

2. Be smart about providing full payment before a move is completed. If a moving company is asking up front for your credit card payment- sound the alarm.  If you do prefer to pay online- be sure to have a written agreement.

3. Beware of scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Think about the investment movers should make- watch out for Craigslist scams, scammers create and user fake businesses to get you to give up your personal information. Craigslist provides general warnings and what you  should you find yourself in a compromising situation.

4. Read reviews. You like your “stuff”, right? Make sure it stays in good shape.  Select movers based on verified reviews from real customers. We feel really strongly about this, and invite you to read CityMove verified reviews.

Note: CityMove doesn’t share or sell your information to any of our associated movers. Your personal information is only shared with the mover when you accept their bid. To make the process simple for both our customers and movers, we manage the inter-communication, ensuring there isn’t email overload and that you can select your movers without any pressure or haggling.

 How to Avoid Moving Scams in NYC


  • Robert Stillman

    Moving scams is unfortunately something you do have to watch out for when searching for an apartment. Sometimes you don’t realize what you have moved into until you have already signed a lease. That is why I went with PCVST (www.pcvstlivig.com), because they keep up with their community.