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Easy Paint Calculator: New Home Tips from CityMove

June 10th, 2014

Easy Paint Calculator from CityMoveFollow these three simple steps to calculate how much paint you will actually need to give your new home some color. (Be sure to check your lease to see if painting is allowed – sometimes you have to agree to repaint before you move out!)

1.       Measure. Get out your measuring tape and do the following for each room of your new home:

Use a measuring tape to accurately measure the length of your wall, holding it in the center of the wall, avoiding baseboards.
Measure the height of your wall from floor to ceiling.

*Note: You’ll  need to do this step for each wall that you want to paint. 

2.       Calculate. A little arithmetic will go far to help avoid purchasing extra paint.

Multiply the numbers together for the square footage of your wall. Repeat for each additional wall and add their square footage together. Divide this by 350 (the industry average per gallon of paint from the Home Depot.)

Sample Room:

25 ft (wall length) x 6.5 ft (wall height) = 162.5 x 4 (square room= 4 same sized walls) = 650 total square feet

650 total/ 350 square feet  in a gallon= 1.8  or 2 gallons of paint (per coat)

3.       Purchase.  Select your paint color(s) and purchase the paint gallon(s) needed, as determined in step two.

Remember to buy based on the priming and number of coats you will need for each room and it’s best to buy extra paint when you’re having your paint color mixed to ensure it’s an exact match.