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Where to Find “No-Fee” Apartments in New York City

October 15th, 2014

n: No Fee Apartment:

[noh fee uh pahrt muh nt]

A building’s owner or landlord pays the rental fee.

Are you looking for a no-fee apartment in New York City?  We know… it sounds impossible, but really it’s not. Your dream can become reality with a few helpful hints to use in your NYC apartment search.

  1. Search the internet to find a no-fee apartment.  Apply search filters including “No-Fee” and “Landlord Pays Fee” on popular New York City real estate websites like Naked Apartments, Apartable and Street Easy.

  2. Use Craigslist to find a no-fee apartment. Be resourceful and savvy in your search – as not every no-fee apartment listed is as “no-fee”. Some apartments can be listed

  3. Connect with your Network to find a no-fee apartment. Leon T., from Manhattan has found all of his apartments with no fee by using both his professional and personal connections. “Ask around – people know what’s coming up for rent in their buildings.”

  4. Ask your current landlord or property company if they’ve got any no-fee apartments. If you’re looking for a larger (or smaller) apartment and you are a good tenant – your current landlord or property manager may be interested in waiving the fee to keep you as their client.

  5. Skip using a real-estate broker to find a no-fee apartment. Brokers speed along the apartment search process in NYC because they often know about new leases (both no-fee and fee-based apartments), but they come at a price. Keep your options open when you’re searching for an apartment and go directly through the building’s owner if possible.

You’re Moving! Quicklinks to Change Your Address

October 9th, 2014

You’re Moving! Congratulations on finding a new place to call home. Before the big move, click through our CityMove checklist to update your address in all the necessary places.

  • Start by saving yourself a trip to the post office and change your official address on the US Postal Service website. With just a quick $1.05 fee, you can safeguard your information with ID verification.  Save time by selecting ‘family’ if multiple members of your household have the same last name and forwarding address. As a bonus you’ll receive instant access to $500 in valuable coupons.
  • Moving in New York? Update your New York State Records (including NY State Drivers License or ID Card and Vehicle Registration) through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Save time online at the DMV by using the online portal. Note: You’ll need your License number and Social Security Number to complete the online change form.
  • To have  electricity and gas turned on in your new place, call Con Edison Electric & Gas before you move. Con Ed lists what you’ll need before you call for service. It may take up to 24 hours for service to be turned on, so call their Customer Support as soon as you have your move-in date. If you’re a current customer, follow these steps but be sure to let the Customer Service Agent know when you will vacate your current address.
  • Schedule an appointment to have the internet, phone and cable installed in your new address. If you’re a current account holder, call your provider to ensure they can continue to provide service for you at your new address. Click on your service provider link to request your service and address change:
  • Time Warner Cable 
  • Verizon Fios 
  • Cablevision
  • Dish 
  • DirecTV
  • RCN
  • Don’t forget to update your address on websites that you receive or make payments to on a monthly basis. These can include but aren’t limited to financial institutions, mortgage companies, your employer, university, and more.