Where to Find “No-Fee” Apartments in New York City

n: No Fee Apartment:

[noh fee uh pahrt muh nt]

A building’s owner or landlord pays the rental fee.

Are you looking for a no-fee apartment in New York City?  We know… it sounds impossible, but really it’s not. Your dream can become reality with a few helpful hints to use in your NYC apartment search.

  1. Search the internet to find a no-fee apartment.  Apply search filters including “No-Fee” and “Landlord Pays Fee” on popular New York City real estate websites like Naked Apartments, Apartable and Street Easy.

  2. Use Craigslist to find a no-fee apartment. Be resourceful and savvy in your search – as not every no-fee apartment listed is as “no-fee”. Some apartments can be listed

  3. Connect with your Network to find a no-fee apartment. Leon T., from Manhattan has found all of his apartments with no fee by using both his professional and personal connections. “Ask around – people know what’s coming up for rent in their buildings.”

  4. Ask your current landlord or property company if they’ve got any no-fee apartments. If you’re looking for a larger (or smaller) apartment and you are a good tenant – your current landlord or property manager may be interested in waiving the fee to keep you as their client.

  5. Skip using a real-estate broker to find a no-fee apartment. Brokers speed along the apartment search process in NYC because they often know about new leases (both no-fee and fee-based apartments), but they come at a price. Keep your options open when you’re searching for an apartment and go directly through the building’s owner if possible.