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You’re Moving! Quicklinks to Change Your Address

October 9th, 2014

You’re Moving! Congratulations on finding a new place to call home. Before the big move, click through our CityMove checklist to update your address in all the necessary places.

  • Start by saving yourself a trip to the post office and change your official address on the US Postal Service website. With just a quick $1.05 fee, you can safeguard your information with ID verification.  Save time by selecting ‘family’ if multiple members of your household have the same last name and forwarding address. As a bonus you’ll receive instant access to $500 in valuable coupons.
  • Moving in New York? Update your New York State Records (including NY State Drivers License or ID Card and Vehicle Registration) through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Save time online at the DMV by using the online portal. Note: You’ll need your License number and Social Security Number to complete the online change form.
  • To have  electricity and gas turned on in your new place, call Con Edison Electric & Gas before you move. Con Ed lists what you’ll need before you call for service. It may take up to 24 hours for service to be turned on, so call their Customer Support as soon as you have your move-in date. If you’re a current customer, follow these steps but be sure to let the Customer Service Agent know when you will vacate your current address.
  • Schedule an appointment to have the internet, phone and cable installed in your new address. If you’re a current account holder, call your provider to ensure they can continue to provide service for you at your new address. Click on your service provider link to request your service and address change:
  • Time Warner Cable 
  • Verizon Fios 
  • Cablevision
  • Dish 
  • DirecTV
  • RCN
  • Don’t forget to update your address on websites that you receive or make payments to on a monthly basis. These can include but aren’t limited to financial institutions, mortgage companies, your employer, university, and more.

CityMove Support: Safeguarding Your Information

May 5th, 2014


The Customer Support Team at CityMove.com is working 24/7 to provide you with a seamless and  quality moving experience.

A CityMove customer emailed customer support with the following inquiry:


I recently posted Job # 12345, and I listed my husbands contact information- email and phone number. I’m not sure how, but moving companies are calling and emailing me directly, not him. How did they get my information? And how can I ensure they’re only reaching out to him?

Thanks, Anne*

A CityMove Customer Support representative quickly looked into the issue, searching the technology database of CityMove, recognizing that Anne’s  information was not posted anywhere on the site. One of the benefits of using CityMove, is that your information is not shared with our providers until you have reviewed and then selected a specific provider.

During our review, and through conversations with the customer, we determined she was also working with a storage facility. We think this is where the “leak of information” may have originated. We recommend checking all fine print to make sure you aren’t in this situation.

We also asked Anne to send us some of the emails she was receiving and our Tech team was able to verify that the code was not sent through CityMove and this was a coincidental issue.

CityMove prides itself on transparency, and contacted Anne to gain approval to share her story. Not only did she agree, she hopes that her situation will help other New Yorkers! Thanks Anne!

Lesson Learned: Be cautious of where you are sharing your information and read the fine print. Ask any service providers you may use in your upcoming transition (movers, storage facilities, leasing companies, brokers) if they’re selling your information. If there isn’t a clear answer, be careful in sharing your information.

Editors Note: CityMove does not sell or share any customer information- including to the moving companies we work with. Your information is not communicated to a provider mover until you have accepted their bid. And  don’t worry, we changed Anne’s name!

How to Unpack in your New York City Apartment

April 9th, 2014

Simple Tips to Unpack your apartment logo

There are furniture and boxes all over your new apartment. The moments after your belongings have been delivered by your moving company can be the most overwhelming of the entire moving process. So where do you start? With a plan.

Label: Clearly label your boxes when you are packing to move with a number and room description. This will help set a specific destination for your belongings and ensure nothing gets misplaced along the way.

Organize: Move boxes into each designated room or space. If possible, delegate this task to your movers while they are bringing your belongings into your new apartment.

Delegate: Assign tasks to friends or family who are helping on move in day. Helpers like to feel appreciated, so don’t forget the pizza and beer. If you’re moving by yourself, prioritizing and realizing it’s not a race but a marathon will also help. This is your new apartment and there is no rush.

Prioritize: Start unpacking the rooms you’ll need to use first. Put toiletries you need in the bathroom, and kitchen items in your cupboards. Remember, you can always rearrange, but getting things out of boxes and therefore out of the way should be your priority.

Stay Private: If you haven’t secured blinds or window treatments, be sure to put something over your windows for the first night. Retailers sell paper shades, or even a sheet will suffice for the first night or two.

Build: If you have organizational solutions (bookshelves, shoe racks, etc.)  that store other items, begin by putting these together first. If you’re in a small space and realize this would help- consider looking into space saving and affordable solutions at stores like The Container Store and Ikea.

Sleep: Put linens on your bed before you’re actually ready to use it. It will be the last thing you want to do after a long day of moving and will be something that will make your new apartment feel like home. Consider your clothing, shoes, and  accessories as low hanging fruit. These can be put to the side and unpacked into closets and dressing furniture last.

Review: If you used CityMove.com to select your movers, don’t forget to give them a review on the site.We want to hear what you thought about your New York City movers.  Don’t worry- we’ll send you an email reminder a few days after your move.


Moving in New York City: How to Select Movers

April 5th, 2014

4 Simple Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mover

 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Movers

Selecting a moving company to transport your belongings is a critical step in the moving process in NYC. Moving your belongings from your old apartment to your new, can feel overwhelming since there are hundreds of movers throughout New York City and New Jersey and finding one that is trustworthy, reliable, and fits your price range is essential.

Ask yourself these four questions:

1. Do you need or want a moving company with a license or insurance? Check requirements of your new building in advance and confirm your movers official license by visiting the NYC DOT website. Some buildings won’t let you move in without proof – so find out what’s required!

2. Is the mover willing to commit to a set price before moving day? The last thing you want is all of your stuff in boxes – and then a big surprise. If you’ve given an accurate representation of your belongings and the distance you are moving? Then you should be assured that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. That’s why CityMove asks so many questions ahead of time. We want your moving day to be as stress-free as possible. The movers have all the information they need to give you a confirmed price before you even pack a box.

3. Does your mover answer your questions? If you’ve got a last minute question, or change to your move, it’s important to have a mover who responds quickly to your phone call or email. You should know that the person who is moving all of your stuff is also a person you can reach within a reasonable time.

4. Have you researched the moving company’s reputation? Selecting a mover with a quality track record to move your  belongings is essential. Learn from other New Yorkers experiences by reading the CityMove.com verified reviews — only those who have actually USED these movers can leave reviews – and we publish them all.


Moving Day Essentials

February 9th, 2014

What You’ll Need for Moving Day in NYC

5 Moving Day Essentials

Congratulations!  Moving day is here. Before you tape up that last box, here are a few things to have on hand that can help make your moving experience an easier transition.

Movers Contact Information: Having a direct form of contact, either a cell phone number or direct operator contact is essential. You’ll want to confirm arrival or pick up time with your movers, and also ensure they have your correct contact information should an issue arise. If you’ve used CityMove.com you can log on to your account to view your mover’s contact information and your move confirmation.   if you’re moving yourself and have rented a truck, be sure to have the truck company’s information for any emergency situations.

Paperwork: Be prepared by carrying your lease or rental agreement and proper identification. If you are picking up keys on the day of your move, you may need to show proof to whomever is providing you with your new keys.

Cleaning Supplies: If you’re moving from one apartment to another, pack these in a clearly labeled box for easy access on moving day. If you’re moving into a new apartment for the first time,  a multi-purpose cleaner and paper towels should be sufficient to get you started.  Don’t forget the garbage bags.

Paper Goods: Bring or purchase a roll of toilet paper to start off at your new place. You don’t want to interrupt the flow of your move or unpacking by having to run out to the store mid-move.  Trust us on this one!

 Water & Snacks: Moving day can be an exhausting experience. We try to make it easy, but it’s always a good idea to plan ahead by stocking  water and  quick grab, protein-filled  snacks for yourself and friends or family who may be helping you move. A few pizzas can go a LONG way!

 Enjoy and welcome home.