New York, NY 10075 to Vestavia Hills, AL 35243

Note: The primary move date for this job has passed.

Moving from

  • Address: Hidden  
  • Apt: Hidden  
  • City: New York  
  • State/ZIP: NY, 10075
  • nearest cross streets: East End Avenue and 80th St
  • Flights of stairs: 2
  • Can use elevator: YES
  • Pick up from curb: NO
  • Will help load truck: NO
  • Need mover to pack: NO
  • have reserved parking: NO
  • Location is a(n): Apartment 
  • Number of Rooms: N/A 
  • Approx. Total Sq. Ft: 1100  

Moving to

  • Address: Hidden  
  • Apt: Hidden  
  • City: Vestavia Hills  
  • State/ZIP: AL, 35243
  • nearest cross streets: Crowne Ridge Dr, and N/a
  • Flights of stairs: 0
  • Can use elevator: NO
  • Deliver to curb: NO
  • Will help unload: NO
  • Need mover to unpack: NO
  • have reserved parking: NO
  • Location is a(n): Apartment 
  • Number of Rooms: N/A 
  • Approx. Total Sq. Ft: Not provided  
  • Transportation

    Let Mover Decide

  • Crew Needed

    Let Mover Decide

  • Move Date + Time

    Preferred Date: Friday Jan 19, 2018 - Anytime

    Alternate Date: Monday Jan 29, 2018 - Early Morning (7 AM - 8 AM)

    Move must be completed by: Thu Feb 1, 2018

Additional Mover Requirements





Distance: 865.1 miles

* The coordinates approximate at each point to protect the customer's privacy.


Minimum: No minimum

Maximum: No maximum

Notes / Pictures

I am looking to move a 1.5 bedroom apartment from NYC (10 East End Ave NY 10075) to Birmingham, Alabama (35223). Most likely the drop-off address will be: 2901 Crowne Ridge Dr, Vestavia Hills, AL 35243. The goal is have our items delivered in Birmingham on February 1st or close to that date if possible. There are 2 flights of stairs plus a freight elevator in the pick up location and it's a ground floor unit at drop-off. Can you please provide a rough moving quote and let us know whether you can guarantee a February 1st delivery (or +/- 1-2 days)? The items we are looking to move are the following. Rough estimate of the size of our inventory is 650 cu ft / 4500 lbs. Full inventory below: 1 65 TV 1 BED, QUEEN (WITH MATTRESS) 40 BOX, MED. PBO 18X18X18 4 BOX, WARDROBE - (15 CU. FT.) 2 CHAIR, ARM 2 CHAIR, FOLDING 2 CHEST OF DRAWERS 1 DESK, SMALL 4 DINING CHAIR 1 DINING TABLE 2 LAMP, FLOOR (PBO) 2 NIGHT STAND 7 PAINTING 3 PLASTIC BIN, MED. 1 SOFA, SECTIONAL-2 PIECE 1 SOFA 5 SUITCASE, LG. 1 T.V. FLAT SCREEN- 33-60 1 TABLE, COFFEE

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Good Afternoon, Were you still looking to get this move done? If so, is your inventory list correct and complete and also do you have any flexibility with your dates? Thanks Glenn..
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