About CityMove.com

What is CityMove?

CityMove is an innovative reverse auction website, where customers can enter their job information and let the movers bid on their jobs. Customers can then choose a mover based on price and past reviews.

By allowing customers to view previously entered jobs, customers can get an idea of what their job will look like on CityMove, what information will be seen by the movers, and how much they can expect to pay. Movers benefit from our thorough job entry system that provides them jobs with comprehensive details, which enables them to accurately determine their price.

Why Use CityMove?

Moving services is an industry that involves a great deal of trust. People are putting their valued possessions in the hands of movers, and they expect the movers to treat their items with respect. Unfortunately, the moving industry has developed a reputation for providing very poor service.

This bad reputation is unfair to those movers who work hard and provide quality service. CityMove seeks to change this situation. By acting as a neutral third-party, and by using innovative technology, CityMove is able to maintain high quality, verified customer reviews.

By providing an effective review system, customers can benefit from each others' moving experiences and have a forum to express their concerns, their praises, and their overall assessment of their movers, thereby creating a community that monitors the quality of the movers.

At the same time, quality movers can learn from their reviews and improve their services where it is needed. More importantly, movers can establish a reputation for exceptional service, and can gain the trust of customers, by accumulating positive reviews for their hard work.

CityMove devised a ranking system to rank the top movers based on their performance, creating a competitive environment for movers to prove they offer the best service. The combined ranking and review system allows reputable, high-quality movers to expand their business and reach more customers, while unprofessional movers are forced to shape up or take their business elsewhere.

History of CityMove

CityMove was originally started in 2003 by a couple of young Manhattanites who were frustrated by the lack of reliable resources for finding movers in New York City who wouldn't rip them off and were reliable. It is a match-making service as well as a review site.

In Spring 2009 & June 2016, CityMove launched Versions 2.0 & 3.0 of its site, making a useful moving resource even better.